1993-1999 Panama Canal Project overview:

GeoInfo, S.A., a Panamanian based international distributor for ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Redlands, CA.), has signed a four-year GIS and Digital Mapping contract with the U.S. Army South and the Department of the Army. The sales initiative was led by Mr. Richard LeFrancois, International Sales Manager for GeoInfo, S.A. This four-year contract focuses on the development of a GIS digital base map of over twenty U.S. governments-controlled bases and town sites within the Panama Canal area. The contract requires the integration of base operations and facilities management digital databases with the GIS base map of the local and regional area for implementation of the Torrijos-Carter Treaty of 1977.

The system will directly support the activities of the Deputy Chief of Staff Information Management, the Directorate of Housing and Engineering, the 106th Signal Brigade, the Treaty Implementation Office and the Provost Marshall. GeoInfo will assist each of these organizations to develop GIS work groups in support of an on-going GIS initiative. The integrated GIS will serve as a vehicle for transferring decades of management data to the government of the Republic of Panama. The bases and facilities will be transferred within the next six years to Panama as required by the treaty.


reddog2In November 2007 the Red Dog /Teck Cominco, Kotzebue , Alaska mine maintenance operations contacted EMI-Global regarding its Prudhoe Bay , Alaska idle reduction project that had been written about in the November issue of the Alaska Business Monthly magazine.

The article titled "North Slope Businesses Benefit from New Practice" discussed the patented Automatic Start/Stop idle reduction technology that EMI-Global introduced to Houston Contracting/ASRC (Artic Slope Regional Corporation) fleet maintenance operations during the winter of 2005.

In January 2008, a pilot installation project was conducted by Red Dog mine maintenance shop personnel and there was a Caterpillar 16M Motor Grader installed with the technology.

This machine was chosen for its complex electronic system including Joy Stick controls which replace the steering wheel on the machine. Although there were installation challenges (such as dealing with three different high-idle systems on the machine) the project was successful.

In April 2008, Red Dog moved forward with a installation program on over 40 pieces of production equipment.

The project will be completed in October, 2008, just in time for the Artic winter. The technology is expected to have a tremendous impact on reducing idle time on machines at the mine site.

For more information contact Richard LeFrancois, President of EMI-Global at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A special "Thanks" to all my friends in Alaska . I cannot describe to you how good it feels to know that with your help I was instrumental in putting a piece of technology in place that has the potential to save companies in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 80,000 gallons of diesel fuel worth an estimated $560K during a 10 hour shift!

Richard LeFrancois EMI-Global

Some Background Information

The Technology:

Automatic Start/Stop by Temp-A-Start: this technology is a patented product that consists of a control module, sensors for oil temperature (actually looking at block temperature) and battery charge, a thermostat monitoring inside and outside ambient temperature (used to climate control the inside of a truck cab with sleeper) and a wiring harness.

In addition to the components mentioned above, a Temp-A-Start kit includes parts and pieces for interface to the brake system, a master relay, a hood tilt switch (safety issue), a starting buzzer (safety issue), a door decal (safety issue), a dash switch with decal, and enough wiring and loom to scare someone.

The only thing not included in a Temp-A-Start kit is a neutral safety switch for a manual transmission. Automatic Transmissions are a breeze since a neutral circuit is easy to locate.

As a safety feature Temp-A-Start allows you to activate the system, turn the ignition switch off, pull the key from the ignition and walk away. The technology takes over and if the transmission is placed in gear without the key, Temp-A-Start will sense this condition and shut the machine down. You then need the key to re-start.

Basically speaking, Temp-A-Start is monitoring oil temperature, battery condition and inside/outside ambient temperature (truck with sleeper) looking for conditions that trigger action based on the parameters set in the software. We call the software "Smart," in that is acts as traffic cop and takes action when a component is in violation of the pre-set parameters




Overview of Project.

In 2001 Equipment Maintenance Innovators signed the first (and later a multi-year) contract to oversee a series of technology projects for fleet operations of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company. Technology projects currently in place are a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for truck fleet data collection in Fairbanks, Alaska and a sophisticated wireless, web-based driver management system supporting fleet maintenance, transportation, pipeline safety and security throughout pipeline operations. Data collectors streamlining the meter read task and identifying client usage have also been installed on heavy equipment throughout the pipeline system.