Are you a CEO, CFO, CIO, Corporate Risk Manager, Corporate Fleet Manager, or a private truck and construction equipment owner?

  • How well prepared are you or the company you run, to take advantage of the new machine technologies that are being introduced in our industry at such a dizzying pace today?
  • How well prepared are you for what it will take to have the workforce in place and trained to repair these new technologies?

Consider this: the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council – the Truck Maintenance arm of the American Trucking Association) (www.trucking.org) released on October 20, 2015 a document titled Strategic Innovations for Next Generation Trucking  In this document 49 strategic innovations are identified that are to improve truck safety, maximize payload and minimize cost.

Then…consider this: In the October issue of Equipment Today magazine (www.constructionpros.com) the feature article is titled A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE…The Connected Jobsite. In this feature article John Deere sponsored a full color fold-out titled THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. There are 6 areas on this fold-out identified that could be considered “game changers” plus another 7 identified in separate articles within the magazine.

As a Industry Professional I understand mobile and fixed asset management with “Global” technology knowledge and applications experience to help you : (not inclusive)

  • make sense of all these technologies and help you determine which ones to implement and when to achieve maximum ROI
  • develop a corporate plan to take advantage of your collective machine knowledge for best practice sharing across your machine operations
  • utilize your “scalability” factor for best price acquisition of technology

while still maintaining the local entrepreneurial autonomy.

Take advantage of:

  • Achievement: Responsible for the introduction of new technology estimated to save end-users over $560,000 in fuel cost over a 10 hour shift
  • Achievement: Fortune 500 clients and seven year technology consultant to a AEMP "Fleet Masters" international award winner
  • Achievement: Sold and managed first ever successful after-market installation of automatic start/stop technology on Caterpillar 785 Haul Truck in the coal industry: Caterpillar 777 Haul Truck in Nickel and Diamond mining industries; Caterpillar D10T tractor in Copper Mining industry and many other machines in the oil and gas and mining industries
  • "Early Adopter" project experience with RFID, Operating Data Recorders, On-board scales for off-road and underground machines and operator management technologies
  • 20 year past member of the AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals) and 13 year active member of the TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council)
  • Published author in truck and construction industry magazines. Presenter on educational program for CONEXPO/CONAGG. Panelist on ENR "Equipment for the 21st Century" AGC event.

Knowledge Transfer a Specialty:  * Mobile Equipment Automation Technology Applications  * Technology Implementation  * Machine and Asset Management Programs  * Operations Strategy  * Semi-Automation Concepts  * Real-Time Systems  * Field Data Acquisition  * Field Force Automation  * Autonomous Systems  * Connected Jobsite  * Augmented Reality  * Fuel Management  * Hybrid Machine Technology  * Condition Based Monitoring

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