DENVER, CO July 14, 2012-Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. (TSX:PTQ) has turned to EMI-SMS to provide heavy duty equipment parts management processes, consolidated systems, business intelligence reporting, and a Geographic Information System (GIS) portal across five countries.

Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. operates as the parent company for Petaquilla Minerals, S.A. Petaquilla Gold, S.A., and Iberian Resources Corp.

Petaquilla Minerals, S.A. and Petaquilla Gold, S.A. are both responsible for mineral research and exploration activities while Iberian Resources Corp runs the mining and exploration of minerals in both Spain and Portugal.

A sister company, Panama Development of Infrastructure Ltd (PDi) included in this project, is publicly listed and operates as the parent company for Panama Development of Infrastructure, S.A. PDi is responsible for all mining, construction, and energy project initiatives.

"EMI-SMS has met all our criteria for providing the enterprise business services we need on a global level"

...Richard Fifer Carles, Chairman of the Board, Petaquilla Minerals, LTD.

EMI-SMS service solutions provide heavy duty parts data management, supporting technology, processes, strategies, and supply chain solutions. This addresses the demand for cost reduction in parts spend and the increasing need for business intelligence across the supply chain.

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